New Data Says Smartphones Driving Growth in UK Ecommerce Market

Taking a look back at the early months of 2018, smartphones drove growth at UK retailers in the first three months of the year. According to new figures by the latest Salesforce Shopping Index, more than two thirds (67%) of visits to UK retailers came via a mobile phone in the first quarter of 2018.

The research went a step further and revealed that overall digital revenues grew by 10% during that period, while orders from mobile grew by 25% and traffic by 17%. An analysis of business done via its platforms in the UK, Salesforce found that mobile accounted for 40% of sales, desktop computers for 41% and tablets for 18%.

When compared to growth elsewhere during the first quarter, the UK actually lags behind in ecommerce transactions. Online sales in the UK grew 14%, while it grew 15% around the world. The fastest growth rates, according to the Salesforce study, came from Australia and New Zealand (+35%), the Nordics (+30%) and Canada (+29%).

However, UK shoppers did see a discounting increase by 38% – the sharpest increase seen around the world.Jamie Merrick, director, industry strategy and insights, at Salesforce Commerce Cloud, said, overall, it was a positive start to the year.

“This has been fuelled by an increase in both digital traffic (6%) and shopper spend (4%) and indicates that UK shoppers are growing increasingly confident and are aware of the benefits of online shopping.”

“There’s no doubt that the rise of mobile is inexorable – both for general use and for shopping – and I expect it will account for a larger share of online orders throughout 2018 and beyond,” Merrick went on to say.“For retailers, there’s an opportunity to take advantage of this consistent trend of mobile growth by prioritising ’mobile-first’ strategies, ranging from artificial intelligence and Apple Pay to Instagram integration.”

With the New Year upon us, we’ll soon know the state of smartphone growth in the beginning months of 2019. If your business still needs to incorporate mobile payments, now is the perfect time to start finding answers and get your payment system ready for a new year. If you need tips on PayPal micropayments UK or other payment processing information, consider the long list of payment processors and helpful reviews Best Payment Providers has to offer.

Author Bio:Payment industry expert Taylor Cole is a passionate merchant account expert who understands the complicated world of accepting credit and debit cards at your business. His understanding of the industry has helped thousands of business owners save money and time.

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