Great Choice for the Chiki Toys Now

From birth, baby awakens to the world and in its own way begins to play. To meet his needs and satisfy his natural curiosity, the first age toys are essential provided they are well chosen. What toy to give to baby at birth, at 4 months, 6 months, a year, and until 2 years old? Our advice to guide you.

Big decisions for baby, you’ve already had to take many. Baby food side, you have been able to choose between breast and bottle, side guard, you have decided between the maternal assistant,nursery, or grandma. So baby toys can only pick from a choice ultra-simple! The use of chiki toys is important now.

Toxic toys: our tips for recognizing and avoiding them

The reality is however as simple as one might think. Indeed, to open baby to the world and satisfy his curiosity, baby toys must be adapted to its stage of awakening and development. Indeed, there is no point in offering complex and colorful toys when baby does not yet distinguish the colors. Identically, it will take that baby is ready for ‘ learning to walk for some carriers offer or to select a trotter. Our file to make your choice in all serenity!

Baby opening wish list May

Toys and royal wedding: our favorites of May

Ah, the month of May and its bridges (we love it). The opportunity to walk with his baby or his tribe in the forest, the beach or in the fields (but if, happiness is in the meadow)! Not to mention that in May, we celebrate a royal wedding that will surely please young and old!

Little girl and her dad with kite

The 8 favorites of editorial shopper in April!

In April, we celebrate the birth of spring, the arrival of the Royal Baby number three and many other opportunities. So many good reasons to warm up the blue card and spoil our little blond heads! Our favorites of the month.

Because baby marvels (and amazes us) waking up, we tend to multiply the toys for this purpose: their number, their shapes, their colors. However, the “too much” is sometimes the enemy of good, and it is better to favor quality over quantity. But then, how to choose a waking toy for her baby? Explanations.

Birth toy: what to choose for a baby from 0 to 3 months?

Between his birth and his 3 months, Baby goes through many upheavals. Little by little, he begins to better identify himself, he is still in a phase of sensory development. His favorite toys: the first blanket, the first light rattle, the music box.

6 months baby toy: how to choose?

Around 6-7 months, baby learns the controlled movement and the sitting position. This is the time to offer him a special toy 6 months (and more) On the program: the activity board, the ground toys, the big cubes of construction.

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