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New Data Says Smartphones Driving Growth in UK Ecommerce Market

Taking a look back at the early months of 2018, smartphones drove growth at UK retailers in the first three months of the year. According to new figures by the latest Salesforce Shopping Index, more than two thirds (67%) of visits to UK retailers came via a mobile phone in the first quarter of 2018.

The research went a step further and revealed that overall digital revenues grew by 10% during that period, while orders from mobile grew by 25% and traffic by 17%. An analysis of business done via its platforms in the UK, Salesforce found that mobile accounted for 40% of sales, desktop computers for 41% and tablets for 18%.

When compared to growth elsewhere during the first quarter, the UK actually lags behind in ecommerce transactions. Online sales in the UK grew 14%, while it grew 15% around the world. The fastest growth rates, according to the Salesforce study, came from Australia and New Zealand (+35%), the Nordics (+30%) and Canada (+29%).

However, UK shoppers did see a discounting increase by 38% – the sharpest increase seen around the world.Jamie Merrick, director, industry strategy and insights, at Salesforce Commerce Cloud, said, overall, it was a positive start to the year.

“This has been fuelled by an increase in both digital traffic (6%) and shopper spend (4%) and indicates that UK shoppers are growing increasingly confident and are aware of the benefits of online shopping.”

“There’s no doubt that the rise of mobile is inexorable – both for general use and for shopping – and I expect it will account for a larger share of online orders throughout 2018 and beyond,” Merrick went on to say.“For retailers, there’s an opportunity to take advantage of this consistent trend of mobile growth by prioritising ’mobile-first’ strategies, ranging from artificial intelligence and Apple Pay to Instagram integration.”

With the New Year upon us, we’ll soon know the state of smartphone growth in the beginning months of 2019. If your business still needs to incorporate mobile payments, now is the perfect time to start finding answers and get your payment system ready for a new year. If you need tips on PayPal micropayments UK or other payment processing information, consider the long list of payment processors and helpful reviews Best Payment Providers has to offer.

Author Bio:Payment industry expert Taylor Cole is a passionate merchant account expert who understands the complicated world of accepting credit and debit cards at your business. His understanding of the industry has helped thousands of business owners save money and time.


Let’s be serious guys, NO-ONE is ever spotted ‘Singing in The Rain’. It’s all lies. If they have been, moments later they are being politely escorted back to a mental institute. We don’t sing in the rain. We swear in the rain. Why? Because it ruins our clothes…and our hair…and our phones.

These are our Top five Wet Weather items that will keep God’s tears at bay while helping you maintain that stylish image. This way, you can keep your iPod plugged in and maybe you try singing in the rain.

  1. Classic Umbrella
    An obvious choice you’re thinking, but you’ll be amazed at how many guys buy the cheap ‘made to break’ brollies from grocery stores. They end up soaked and looking stupid when it  folds in a thousand angles. Get yourself a classic, strong gentlemen’s umbrella, ideally one that is ‘wind proof’. Our choice would be the walking umbrella (above), or you could get a smaller automatic one. Any other colour than black screams “I live with my mum” (I have an array of colours.)
  2. Macintosh Coat
    The Macintosh is designed for one thing; to keep you dry. It’s more functional then stylistic, but get a perfect fit and you’ll look sharp. It’s thin, lightweight shell does well for avoiding that bulking effect when put over a suit. It also keeps you warm if it’s chilly outside and cool if it’s warm. Don’t ask us how. It just does. All kneel before King Mac.
  3. Suede Leather Rain Protector
    When rain hits your suede leather shoes and you see those darkened toes, you have the right to be angry at everyone that walks past you. You do. To make the rain slide of those babies like water off a leaf, spray some rain protector on them. Just make sure that you spray an even coating over  your shoes every time it rains. It’s a better idea than this, trust me.
  4. Trench Coat
    The Trench coat was first developed for use during World War One, not for those late trend-following sheep that flood Topman, Primark and ‘Outlet Store Everything Must Go’ (which is the ACTUAL name of a shop in central London.) Pop the collar and look dapper while moonwalking through the rain, and pair with some Tom Ford glasses to look like an undercover agent! Tan and black are your best bet to carry you effortlessly through the trends of fashion. They will ALWAYS look sharp.
  5. Parka Coat
    Now this my friends, laughs at rain and giggles at storms. If you’re wearing a Parka jacket and fully-grown elephants were falling out of the sky and hitting you, you’d be fine. You’d keep whistling ‘Crocodile Shoes’ and notice NOTHING.

Parka’s only need to come out when the real bad weather hits. They are rain proof, very warm due to its insulated inner layers and the cocoon shaped hood keeps even your nose dry. Your NOSE. Parka’s can be worn with casual attire as well as the suit. A perfect investment for the Londoner and New Yorker especially.

Ways to Find an Affordable SEO Service

If search engine optimization is what you are looking for, then there are two essential factors that you need to focus on. These factors are the only ways by which your business can receive the entire required boost and see high results in the form of increased sales, improvised list of customers and also high returns on the investment. Talk to the profession LinkHelpers SEO Phoenix experts for more information on this front.

Two important factors to SEO website and high results

  1. Using the right search engine optimization techniques that will bring in the best results
  2. Seek a professional help if you cannot give the right amount of time on a regular basis; remember that using SEO techniques on your website is required to be done on an ongoing basis.
  1. For getting the keywords, you can either use the keyword generating tools or you can ask yourself that what you would have typed.

How to find a Good and cheap SEO service

Finding a cheap and trust worthy professional service to optimize your website and carry out all the effective processes is not an arduous task but one that encompasses a little of understanding, patience and research. There are several ways by which you can find a trust worthy professional help which is affordable at the same time – you might want to consider the following methods –

  • For getting a cheap SEO service, you should try looking out for small SEO companies as mostly the big companies charge more money for their service. Small companies do have experts with sufficient experience in SEO services.
  • You should remember that more the quantity of work will be required for your website the more you have to pay. To avoid it, you can also lend out your helping hand. If you know how to design a website, you can do it and give the rest of the work load to the SEO Company. This will save a good deal of money for you. See this now!

Tips for improving the website traffic

The SEO techniques help you in easily attracting the traffic on a webpage without even spending any single amount of penny. The search engines send spiders that scan the web pages thoroughly and find the available new aspects. The spider helps users in making connections to their search and simplifies it to the results in the form of related websites.

Our Agency offers a one-stop digital marketing solution for your business. miami seo expert

Great Choice for the Chiki Toys Now

From birth, baby awakens to the world and in its own way begins to play. To meet his needs and satisfy his natural curiosity, the first age toys are essential provided they are well chosen. What toy to give to baby at birth, at 4 months, 6 months, a year, and until 2 years old? Our advice to guide you.

Big decisions for baby, you’ve already had to take many. Baby food side, you have been able to choose between breast and bottle, side guard, you have decided between the maternal assistant,nursery, or grandma. So baby toys can only pick from a choice ultra-simple! The use of chiki toys is important now.

Toxic toys: our tips for recognizing and avoiding them

The reality is however as simple as one might think. Indeed, to open baby to the world and satisfy his curiosity, baby toys must be adapted to its stage of awakening and development. Indeed, there is no point in offering complex and colorful toys when baby does not yet distinguish the colors. Identically, it will take that baby is ready for ‘ learning to walk for some carriers offer or to select a trotter. Our file to make your choice in all serenity!

Baby opening wish list May

Toys and royal wedding: our favorites of May

Ah, the month of May and its bridges (we love it). The opportunity to walk with his baby or his tribe in the forest, the beach or in the fields (but if, happiness is in the meadow)! Not to mention that in May, we celebrate a royal wedding that will surely please young and old!

Little girl and her dad with kite

The 8 favorites of editorial shopper in April!

In April, we celebrate the birth of spring, the arrival of the Royal Baby number three and many other opportunities. So many good reasons to warm up the blue card and spoil our little blond heads! Our favorites of the month.

Because baby marvels (and amazes us) waking up, we tend to multiply the toys for this purpose: their number, their shapes, their colors. However, the “too much” is sometimes the enemy of good, and it is better to favor quality over quantity. But then, how to choose a waking toy for her baby? Explanations.

Birth toy: what to choose for a baby from 0 to 3 months?

Between his birth and his 3 months, Baby goes through many upheavals. Little by little, he begins to better identify himself, he is still in a phase of sensory development. His favorite toys: the first blanket, the first light rattle, the music box.

6 months baby toy: how to choose?

Around 6-7 months, baby learns the controlled movement and the sitting position. This is the time to offer him a special toy 6 months (and more) On the program: the activity board, the ground toys, the big cubes of construction.

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